Because we received more and more questions from the private sector to join this initiative, this webshop gives also the possibility for private purchases of Plantee.

Without any obligations companies can contact us directly for a free request for quotation. By interest in a private label, feel free to select the 'Private label' tab and leave us your contact details. 

The concept ‘teefortree’ is linked to this tee brand which is sold under the name Plantee. Each tee comes with a tree planting certificate and guarantees that a tree will be planted in an area where agroforestry is badly needed.

That means that this tee helps people in South America, Africa and Asia improve livelihoods and restore degraded land. Good for them and generations to come. For the full and more detailed explanation of Plantee I kindly invite you to visit our website:

It is unique in the world and also you can really make a big difference for man and nature through the purchase of this Plantee!